Looking for a fun and productive fundraiser for your organization or cause? Scotteez Apparel is here to assist! We will assist with a design, set up a listing on our website, and help promote sales. Once the fundraiser is over we will print the orders for pick-up or shipping (buyer’s choice). Whether 10 shirts, 100 shirts, 1000 shirts or even 10,000 shirts we will deliver quickly and professionally. At the end of the fundraiser a report and check will be cut to your organization.
Unlike some of the websites you may have seen you do not have to sell a t-shirt for $25-$30 to raise money. At most a t-shirt should sell for $15-$20, a hoodie for $25-$35. By keeping the cost low you are likely to sell a higher quantity. Depending on the design, the shirt, and quantity sold your organization can earn $5-$10 minimum per shirt sold and all you have to do is help promote it!
To get started simply message us on Facebook or email and we can get the ball rolling for you!

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